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We designed the Onyx model to adapt to your needs as much as possible. You can choose from 8 colors, 8 animations, and a special mode in which the shoes react to the steps. Onyx shines for up to 8 hours, then the shoes only need to be comfortably recharged using micro USB.


The straps on the shoes are transparent and nothing can't stop you from matching your Nyxies exactly to your current mood or outfit.

The height of the platform is 2 3/4 inches. The total height of the heel is 7 inches.

You can switch Nyxies in color selection mode between 8 color variants (Nyxies Pink, Sexy Red, Deep Green, Smurfs, Navy Blue, Pink Lolipop, Royal Purple, White Diamond) and 8 live animations that repeat smoothly (Quick Rainbow, Slow Rainbow, Lava, Unicorn, Sassy Queen, Matrix, Blue Lagoon, Lemon).

After switching to effect mode, Nyxies Onyx reat to the steps. The color of the effects is preselectable, as is the intensity of the brightness.

The Onyx package includes:

  • black control bracelet
  • double micro USB cable so that you can easily charge both shoes at the same time
  • Nyxies bag for storage and carrying
  • a little surprise

Delivery time varies depending on stock availability and the country to which we ship Nyxies. You can expect your order no later than 28 calendar days.

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Weight1.5 kg

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